2017 Bookish Resolutions Challenge


You can find my sign-up post here, which explains everything!

This page will just keep track of my progress, which will be updated monthly after my Wrap-Up has gone live!



Reading Goals:

  • Read more physical books I already own, at least 1 per 2 months for a total of 6 books.
    • Jan: Didn’t happen this month.
    • Feb: No physical books this month.
    • Mar: Nope. What a horrible month.
  • Discover 2 new authors a month.
    • Jan: Yep, way more than two. (9 to be exact).
    • Feb: How about 3 authors this month? Wahoo!
    • Mar: Yes, considering I only read 4 books this month…
  • Participate in 2 readathons.
    • Jan: 1 – Bout of Books 18
    • Feb: None this month.
    • Mar: Nope.
  • Cut down my TBR – whether by deleting books or reading.
    • Jan: Nope.
    • Feb: Not yet.
    • Mar: Ha.
  • Get NetGalley percentage to 55% and maintain.
    • Jan: 48%
    • Feb: 48%
    • Mar: 48%. Hopefully, this will go up next month.

Blogging Goals:

  • Post 4 reviews a month.
    • Jan: Yep, I posted 11 reviews.
    • Feb: 8 reviews this month!
    • Mar: Met the bare minimum: 4.
  • Request fewer books for blog tours. No more than 3 requests per month.
    • Jan: Is this only for reviews? I think so cuz I said ‘books’. So yep. I met this one.
    • Feb: Oh yes. I posted more blitz and reviews than actual tours.
    • Mar: Crappy month, more blitz, which isn’t included in this.
  • Write 6 discussion posts.
  • Draft review posts.
    • Jan: Eh, kinda. I drafted reviews when I started the book. Let’s work more on this in the coming months.
    • Feb: Absolutely horrid for this month. I fell so behind.
    • Mar: Nada.
  • Participate in the Blog Ahead Challenge to get 30 posts ahead.
    • Jan: Nope. Official challenge isn’t until October. Mini challenge hasn’t been announced yet! However, I did stay at least 3 posts ahead all month long, minus the last 3 days. So let’s call this a win!
    • Feb: Not this month. Februrary was a terrible month for me. Thankfully, Blog Ahead is doing a mini challenge in March. I will get ahead once again!
    • Mar: By the end of March, I had absolutely zero scheduled. Even though I did partake in Blog Ahead (only 5 posts got done).
  • Cross-post new reviews, at least 4 a month.
    • Jan: Yesss! 6 of my reviews made it into both Goodreads and Amazon.
    • Feb: Meh. I think I did actually. Yep, I did 5 this month.
    • Mar: Nope.
  • Get caught up on previous cross-posting. From the blog to Amazon and Goodreads.
    • Jan: Some. Definitely have a lot more to do.
    • Feb: None. So much more to go.
    • Mar: Still none.
  • Update Review and Challenge pages once a month.
    • Jan: Yes, this has been consistent.
    • Feb: Not as consistent as last month, but I still did it.
    • Mar: It’s up to date. 


  • Exercise 3 days a week.
    • Jan: Yep. Every week this happened.
    • Feb: Yes. March shall only get better.
    • Mar: One week where there were 2 days, but the rest were 5, 7, and 6.
  • Be less cluttered.
    • Jan: Ha. Do you know me? Like at all?
    • Feb: No whitty comment this time.
    • Mar: Ugh.