This Time Next Year Tag

Hi everyone. I was tagged by Payton! Yay! Thank you!!! I was running out of tags so this came at the perfect time. You can find her post here. If you don’t follow her already, you should. We clicked on Twitter. I can’t even remember how I found her! But I’m so grateful I did. You will be too!


The Rules:

Thank the person who tagged you
Write your goals for next year
Write how you’re going to achieve your goals
Tag at least 5 of your blogger friends to share their goals
Then if you wish in 365 days write a post for everyone to see if you have been successful or not!

Let’s get to it!

This Time Next Year… I will be posting reviews at least 5 times a month.

To achieve this, I will be sticking to my TBRs and reading at least 1 book a week. That way I hit the five.

This Time Next Year… I will be reading books I already own; for a total of at least 12 books.

To achieve this, I will be requesting less tour books and reading more of the ones I already own. I will read 1 book I own each month – physical or ebook, doesn’t matter. As long as it’s not a review copy.

This Time Next Year… I will have lost 25 pounds.

I know it’s a lusty goal. I hope to achieve this by walking to my son’s school to pick him up every day. If I could do that at least 3 times a week, and start eating less cookies (boo!) then hopefully, I can do this!

This Time Next Year… I will have cut down expenses.

Chris and I have an amazing goal – him going full-time at his company. In order to do this, we need to cut back our expenses, and definitely learn to stick to our budget.

Alrighty. Wish me luck!

I tag everyone who has a December birthday!



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