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This week’s topic is…

5 Traditions I Keep

  • Rice Krispie Treats on the first day of school. My mom used to do it for my brother and I when we were younger. This year, I did it for Caden. πŸ™‚
  • Closing a book and sighing when finished. Sitting in a moment of appreciation for a book once I’ve completed it is awesome. Sometimes, that moment of silence is a silent scream – WTF – other times, it’s a smile knowing they got their HEA.
  • Trick or Treating. Especially now that Caden wants to participate. Besides, I think I was still trick or treating when I was 16. Then I’ve dressed up almost every year after that.
  • Opening that one present on Christmas Eve. Getting a glimpse of what’s to come is awesome. I remember being a kid and opening one present on Christmas Eve before we go to bed.
  • A toast on New Years Eve. Whether it’s sparkling cider or champagne, a toast to a new year is always something to look forward to.

Ha, I tried not to make this all about the holidays. Oops!

**Next up onΒ 5 Things on Sunday: Thanksgiving Freebie!

Tell me. What are 5 of your traditions?

~~ As always, if you have any suggestions for the 5 Things posts, let me know!



6 thoughts on “5 Things On Sunday | Traditions

  1. ah I can so relate to sighing after ending a book, and its hardly the HEA sigh, most of the time I find myself pulling my hair and dragging my jaw open and trying to scream – all hypothetically of course. lol

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