Blog Ahead 2016 (Oct)

I’m not even going to lie.

Blog Ahead 2015 saved my blog’s life.

I was terrible at scheduling posts. I would literally write the post one day, and have it go live the next. I did that for months. The only thing I schedule was a book review every now and then. But then… Anna hosted Blog Ahead. And now? I *almost* always have at least a week scheduled in advanced. Currently, The Friday 56 is scheduled up through October. Go me!

blog ahead 2016

I love the concept.

Basically, the whole idea is to schedule 30 posts in the 31 days of October. But. Those posts have to go live after November 1st. It’s epic.

Say you’ll join me! #BlogAhead2016

Check out Anna’s sign up post for more information. You won’t be sorry if you join. ❤ Promise!

This will give you a good head start into the holidays. Catch up on those weekly memes. Schedule a discussion post a month ahead of time. Create holiday posts.

It’s so much fun.

I’ll be posting updates each week to show you how much I’ve gotten done. Last year, I was able to get 45 scheduled. Haha. Wish me luck!


8 thoughts on “Blog Ahead 2016 (Oct)

  1. This sounds so great! Because of my health I never know how much energy I’ll have to write posts on blogging days, so I end up writing and posting the next day when I can, but I would love to get ahead. Unfortunately, with the new uni semester starting, it might me too difficult for me, but good luck!!

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  2. I used to do that too but scheduling has been such a life saver. Not having to worry about it is pretty great. I’m slowly running out on my posts from this Summer though so hopefully I can get ahead a bit again.


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