5 Things On Sunday | Favorite TV Shows

Welcome back!


This week’s topic is…

5 of my Favorite TV Shows

Y’all should know #1 by now…


Up next we have…


Then these 3 in no particular order:

I could watch all of these shows numerous times. I have with Gilmore Girls and SVU. PLL is still on the air, Army Wives I just started (again) on Netflix, and Full House needs to get its butt on Netflix. Or I can get the DVDs on Amazon, but who has $50 for that?! Lol!

**Next up onΒ 5 Things on Sunday: Items I Can’t Go One Day Without

Tell me. What are 5 of your favorite TV shows??

~~ As always, if you have any suggestions for the 5 Things posts, let me know!



7 thoughts on “5 Things On Sunday | Favorite TV Shows

  1. YES GILMORE GIRLS. I’m only on season four (I think), but I love it SO MUCH. And I’ve only ever seen a couple episodes of Pretty Little Liars… But maybe after #ReadThemAllThon I’ll get around to watching it more. πŸ˜„
    As for a topic- what about “5 Things People Actually Found My Blog With”, being the weirdest search terms?

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