Top Ten Tuesday {53}


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Top Ten Books That Left Me Saying “WTF”

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Too Late

Oooh. That Epilogue for the Epilogue. I about lost my damn mind! Too Late was a book that I literally said WTF the whole entire time! And of course, I loved every single wicked second of it.

The Lost Girls

I freaking loved this book. I can’t even express how much I love it. Like holy crap. But when you finally figure out what the hell happened, you will be left with a serious WTF.

These two WTFs were more of a “I NEED MORE NOW!” kind of thing. Both have cliff hangers.


I have mentioned this book numerous times. The ending was a huge WTF moment.

Besides the obvious, Gone Girl, I can’t think of any more! Ahh. Oh well.

What are some books that left you saying WTF?




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