Liebster Award 4

Hi everyone! I have been nominated by Kourtni over at Kourtni Reads for this award. Thank You! Since it is not my first time, I won’t be nominating anyone. However, if you haven’t done it, or want to, consider yourself nominated! Use Kourtni’s questions! 🙂

liebster award


  1. Post the award on your blog.
  2. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Answer the questions assigned to you.
  4. Give 10 random facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate 10 deserving bloggers for the award.
  6. Ask 10 questions to your nominees.



  1. What is your most anticipated release for the rest of 2016?
    • Hmm. I would have to say The Perfect Girl by Gilly Macmillan. It releases in September and just intrigues the crap out of me.
  2. Who’s one book character that you really admire and/or wish you were more like?
    • This is a really tough question. I am honestly not sure. 
  3. If you had to pair a song with the book(s) you’re currently reading, what would you choose?
    • By the time this posts, I will be reading a different book. Currently (beginning of July) I am reading For Her Protection by Amber Bardan. I’m only about 20% done, but Charlie – female MC – reminds me of Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson. She’s so headstrong, and believes she can do everything by herself. She doesn’t need a protector, nor does she need to rely on anyone. She sees something she wants, and goes for it. She is not who people think she should be. (Let’s see if she stays that way for the rest of the book).
  4. Have you ever been to a bookish event (ALA, BEA, book signing, etc.)? If so, what was your favorite thing about it?
    • One book signing in San Francisco back in 2012. Ellen Hopkins was there, so of course I went. Next year, I definitely want to go to BEA, but I’m not sure if NY will be feasible. I might have to wait another year…
  5. If you could create a panel about anything, what would it be about and who would you want to be a part of it?
    • Steamy romance, duh! Haha. But seriously. It would have to deal with a romance trope, and I would want all the authors. LOL.
  6. What’s one goal you hope to complete by the end of 2016 (if you have any)?
    • Hmm. I had so many goals at the beginning of 2016. Honestly, besides my reading challenges, I cannot think of a single one of my goals. This is sad. I must go look.
  7. Do you have a subscription to any book boxes? If so, which one(s)? If not, would you want to sign up for any?
    • No, I don’t. I’ve looked into getting one or two at one point or another. But I am so behind on my eARCs from NetGalley. Plus author requests. I’d love unhauling the boxes, but I have no clue when I’d ever get around to reading them!
  8. What’s your favorite summertime activity?
    • Staying indoors. No joke. It is wayyyyy to hot to be outside in Las Vegas. But if I had to pick an outdoor activity, I would have to say swimming. 
  9. When do you get the most reading done?
    • On my smoke breaks. Or at night, right before I go to bed.
  10. What inspired you to start book blogging?
    • Honestly, I was getting restless with my life. I was (still am – but with a part-time/work-at-home job) a stay at home mom, and I was bored. I complained to Chris one too many times about never doing anything, and he suggested blogging. It was originally supposed to be books in the background, and the forethought was to showcase my recipes. So it would be a food blog, with a hint of books. That did not work out as planned, obviously. And I blog more about books now than recipes. Yay!


  • I suck at facts.
  • There was a Top Ten Tuesday post about this not too long ago.
  • I love Salt and Vinegar chips. Even though I hate the smell and taste of vinegar.
  • My favorite cuss word is fuck.
  • In my recent adult years, I started wearing colors. My shirt right now is orange. My wardrobe usually, mostly, consists of black clothes.
  • I like some old Country music, but I love the new country. Like Johnny Cash is a no, but Jo Dee Messina is a yes. Alan Jackson, yes. Hank Williams/Jr., no. I’m weird.
  • When I was younger, I totally wanted to marry Eminem. Smoking hot body, tattoos, white rapper. Mmm. Now? Not so much. I was so naive.

Until next time,



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