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Hi everyone! A while back I saw a random blog post (from Pinterest) about postcards and this website called PostCrossing. The basic idea of this is like pen pals in the form of postcards. I honestly can’t even remember where I saw the post.

Anyway, so this idea seemed interesting. I bought some postcards when I went to the Grand Canyon (in March), and I signed up in April. Since then, I have sent 14 postcards, and I have received 10 postcards! From all over the world, no joke.

So far, I have received a post card from these 10 countries:

Canada // Hong Kong // Belarus // USA // Japan
Lithuania // China // Russia // Taiwan // Finland

How it works is that you will send a postcard to one random address from anywhere around the world. Once that postcard is received, your address goes into the shuffle, and you will receive a postcard from someone anywhere in the world. It’s super awesome!

Of course, I was a little hesitant to give some random website my address, but I did my research. They only give your address to the people who request it. Once that first postcard is sent and received by the other party, your address goes into the drawing and is only randomly selected by one person. So in my case, my address has been given out to 10 people. However, there are over 600,000 users on the site. So really, it’s not public and not every single person will have my address. When you think about it that way, it is not that big of a deal. But if you’re truly concerned about it, an alternative is getting a PO box at your local post office. That way, the users have no idea what your true address is.

I have learned many things through this already. I’ve learned a new phrase, “Between us girls”. It’s in Russian, so I could never pronounce it or type it or anything. But it’s still cool.

Take a look at a few of the postcards I have received.

My favorite postcards is the one with the Franz Kafka quote, the Oscar Wilde quote, the books, and the one with 3 woman at the beach. That is the Russian saying, “Between us girls”.

All the postcards I have received have had heartfelt messages. And I’ve even received a couple book recommendations!

Also, another cool thing is you can check out other user’s profiles and if they check a little box that says Direct Swap, you can message them for a swap of postcards. Which is pretty neat too, so if you keep getting one country like I do (when I send them), you could send it to different countries.

Let’s talk. Will you join me in the postcard journey?

My *probably not realistic* goal is to:
get at least 1 postcard from all of the 208 countries available.

Until next time,



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