5 Things On Sunday | Winning The Lottery

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This week’s topic is…

5 Things I Would Buy If I Had A Million Dollars

So let’s say I won the lottery. .Which I dream about doing all the time.

Because who doesn’t, right?

I would buy as many bookshelves as I needed to cover the longest wall in my house.

Then I would buy books to fill those bookshelves.

I would buy a really fancy, really sporty car. In cash.

Then I would pay off all my debts, including my student loans.

I would buy whatever I damn well please. Because for once, I would not have to worry about going over budget.

However. In reality, I would probably invest a huge chuck of the million dollars into various accounts. Then set Caden up with a college fund. And a couple other college funds for any other kids I may have (I’m still young!) and for my grandkids. Man would they be so set.

Because you see… I am not a huge spender. I’m a saver.

Tell me. This is always fun. What would you buy if you had a million dollars?

*As always, if you have any suggestions for the 5 Things posts, let me know!



4 thoughts on “5 Things On Sunday | Winning The Lottery

  1. Speaking of books and winning the lottery, I’d want one of those studies you see in mansions that have spiral staircases up to a second floor of books. You know what I’m talking about? I’ve seen them in movies. I always thought that looked so cool.

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  2. 1.) Pay of kids medical bills and other debts.
    2.) Put money aside for Miss L’s eventual lung transplant.
    3.) Buy house with two extra rooms than we need. Turn one into a library, one into a home gym.
    4.) Buy a decent, older, well-maintained car that doesn’t have parts that cost hundreds to replace every time the smallest thing breaks. (I hate new cars for that reason.)
    5.) Invest the rest.


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