Who Am I? Tag

Hello there! This was quite an interesting tag. Thank you BG for the nomination for this tag!

Who Am I

Basically, there are five tests to complete for this tag. Here they are:

Personality Quiz
Behind The Name
What’s Your Learning Style
Career Test
Right or Left Brained

Find out my results below!

Personality Test

Your Personality Type is Defender (ISFJ-T)

85% Introverted
15% Extroverted

53% Observant
47% Intuitive

74% Feeling
26% Thinking

72% Judging (organized)
28% Prospecting

65% Turbulent
35% Assertive

What My Name Means:

Ha. The website couldn’t come up with a meaning. So here’s a different website’s meaning:

The name Kendra is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Kendra is: Knowledge. Can also be a blend of Ken, meaning royal obligation;clear water, and Sandra, meaning: protector of man, or Andrea, meaning manly or masculine.

My Learning Style:

  • Auditory: 45%
  • Visual: 45%
  • Tactile: 10%

This does not surprise me one bit. Except, I would have thought that Visual would be higher.

Career Possibilities:

Interest Level:
83% Language and Communication Careers

Recommended Careers: ENGLISH (phew, good thing I know what I’m doing!), Foreign Language or Literature Teacher. Marketing and Advertising

Interest Level:
75% Business

Careers: Accountant (my “undecided” major), Secretary, Human Resources, Financial Advisor, Research Anaylst, Logistician


72% Left Brained
28% Right Brained

Left Brain:

rules // language // strategy // details // rationality // logic

Right Brain:

images // chaos // creativity // intuition // fantasy // curiosity

I tag….
…. Everyone!
Well, what did you guys think? For the most part, I agree with all of the quizzes.

If you do it, be sure to link back to me so I can see your results!



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