Top Ten Tuesday {48}


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Top Ten Books I Had to Have But Haven’t Read Them

It’s a FREEBIE week! Yay!

I saw this title a while back, and I thought this is totally me. I always buy books I just have to have. Due to my outstandingly high TBR, I never read them right away. So here are 10 books I just had to have, no matter what. And yet, they are still sitting on my shelves, unread.

The first three are the sequels to my favorite book, Kissed by an Angel. I’ve talked about it numerous times. Hahaha. I still need to read them.

The fourth one is by one of my favorite authors. I love her writing, but once I buy her latest book, for some crazy reason it always sits on the shelf for a while.

My latest book hauls. I still have not read any of these!

Are you a book hoarder like I am?

Please tell me I’m not alone! I cannot be the only person who has tons of unread books they just had to have!

What’s your TTT post about this week?



10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday {48}

  1. Yeah, you’re definitely not on your own. I’m always rushing out to buy books immediately and then not reading them, off the top of my head, Goldfinch, Dr Sleep, The Miniaturist, Morning Son, a few of Victoria Schwabs and Juliet Mariliet – guilty!
    Lynn 😀

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