Task It Tuesday! – 7


Hi everyone! Welcome back to Task It Tuesday!

Taken straight from Michelle’s blog:

Hosted by Michelle at Because Reading is better than real life!

What is Task It Tuesday? It is where every week I list a task or tasks that I would like to accomplish on my blog or in Real Life before next Tuesday. It can be big or small but the goal is to get something done that will make my blog/reading life/challenges run smoother, faster, or more efficient and/or get those simple or complex tasks done in my real life. I will also be sharing organizing tips and linking with posts from bloggers that have some great tips and tricks for keeping you and your blog/real life organized.

I swear. This hot weather is making me not want to do shit. I have procrastinated buying groceries for like a week because I don’t want to bear this heat! I wonder if Smith’s delivers food?

Let’s get started!

My Task(s) To Do:

*Each week, I will cross off what I completed. At the end of the month, it will be deleted.

  • Cleaning
    • Go through kiddo’s clothes
      • Get rid of old. In with the new.
    • Empty out a couple more boxes from the garage. Donate if needed.
    • Find storage for chips.
    • Clean counters and find places for all the things.
  • Dig out baby book and complete last two years.
    • Guys. I am super behind on this. Like really behind. (Side note! I never realized how religious this book was. More than half of it pertains to being in the church. We believe, but we don’t go to church. Ugh. I wasted a whole day just finding this and flipping through it. Maybe I’ll do something else instead?)
  • Organize
    • Set up planner
    • Copy old calendar to planner
    • Color coordinate
    • End of June note — Is planner working? Or do I need a different organization set up?
  • Blog
    • Start postcard post
    • Get reading back on track, post more reviews
    • Start planner post
    • Switch over graphics.
      • Make custom ones for rest of weekly memes.
      • Go through past posts
        • Delete old graphics, add new ones.
    • Switch over signature. Love the new one better! But damn, it’s a lot of posts to go through. This may be on-going for a long time. (Started — left off at Sweet Liar review)
    • Clean up media?
  • Goodreads
    • See if some of the beginning books I still want to read. Spring Clean here, baby.
    • Get caught up on cross posting.
    • Make list of which ones need to be done.

Wish me luck! Be sure to stop by Because Reading and say hi!

What tasks are you hoping to complete this week? Let me know!




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