Bookish (& Not So Bookish) Thoughts

Bookish Thoughts

1 week down, 3 to go. Of April. Seriously?

♡ April seems to be going buy so fast already. We’re 7 days in… Uh, wow. Where has the time gone? Does anyone else feel this way? Come on, tell me I’m not alone…

♡ Last week, my friend Tiffany and I started marathon-ing Saw (the horror movie series). I found out there is a Saw 8 in the works, after we all thought Saw 7 was it, cuz it was titled ‘The Final Chapter’. Welp. I guess Jigsaw’s work is not over. This shall be interesting. I never saw the last one, so we’ve been watching them like mad and finally finished up this past Monday. Hands down, my favorite horror movie series. Even better than Freddy, Jason, and Michael! Ahh! ❤ ❤ ❤ it.

♡ I remember going to see Saw 3, like the night it came out. My boyfriend (at the time), took me and we went with a bunch of friends. It was super close to Halloween; the movie theater was so packed. Epically awesome.

♡ Signed up for ARC April, hosted by Read.Sleep.Repeat.. So far, I’m doing so good. Read two eARCs, both for tours. Which still isn’t too bad. Wish me luck for the rest! 😀

♡ Almost two books down, three to go for #ARCApril.

♡ As part of participation for the week in school, we had to watch this video on literary devices. I already knew all of them, but I cannot lie. I enjoyed this rap. It’s catchy.

So what have you guys been up to this week?




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