Book Review — Broken Resolutions

broken resolutions

Rate: 3/5
Pages: 85
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Broken Resolutions is a short story about second chances. Penny is a librarian who gets roped into hosting the New Year’s Eve Singles party, by Angie, another librarian. During this event that Angie has abandoned because of a family emergency, Penny meets Jack. But Jack has a big secret and he wants to protect it.

Penny’s last boyfriend cheater on her, as well as the boyfriend before that. Her New Year’s resolution is to swear off guys for a year. She is dead set on keeping her resolution, until she meets Jack. There’s just something about him. His looks are striking and she wants to get to know him more. However, he is thinking the exact same thing. During the games at the Singles Event…

Sparks fly, until she finds out the truth. Can he win her back or was their love doomed from the start?

This was a quick, cute read. I understand why both characters were hesitant, but it was sort of the like the author was unsure which way it was going. I felt like both characters could have been much strong, during their development process; however, I give much kudos to Angie. I loved her quick witt, and she sounds like she would definitely be someone I would hang out with in real life.

It was cute for what it was though and I enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing what else Olivia Dade will bring to the table.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review, provided by NetGalley.



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