Book Review — Sweet Liar

sweet liar

Rate: 5/5
Pages: 287
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Omg. Outstanding!

Ok, so this book takes place after the crazy cliffhanger that is Like Candy. It was definitely worth the wait! Debra Doxer did not disappoint!

Sweet Liar answers all the questions that we were left with after Like Candy. We’re actually introduced to another main/side character, Heather, who is awesome. She’s talked about in the first book, but Candy doesn’t meet her until this one.

This book tells the rest of Candy and Jonah’s story. Their dads weave their tangled web of lies and secrets with the company they call the organization.

However, the beginning of the story was a little slow. It wasn’t until about 40% that I truly got into it and was unable to put it down. That being said, the main thing that brought it back up to 5 stars is that Doxer ties everything together flawlessly. There are no holes in the story as Candy finishes her journey. Sure, as it starts, you do have more questions. But the more you read, the more everything comes together.

Some of the book has you screaming, has heart-thumping moments, and definitely has swoon-worthy moments. It has romance at all the right spots, and mystery where it should.

I am so glad at how it ended. It did the series justice. I definitely recommend this book to everyone! Loved it!

*I have received a copy in exchange for an honest review, provided by NetGalley.



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