Book Buying Ban — Will I Regret This?

Hey fellow bookworms!

Something is coming that I never thought would happen…

I am putting myself on a book buying ban! I buy too many books and I never have time to read them. Even the #TackleTBR read-a-thon did not help much. Ugh!


So. I am using this opportunity to catch up on some previous books I have purchased but never got around to reading. Like the couple of Ellen Hopkins books that I usually read as soon as I get them. But I haven’t. Or I will use this time to knock out my NetGalley TBR and hopefully get those reviews posted.

I am going to try my best to not buy any books between now and the new year. I will update progress posts as the weeks days go on. No more 1-click Spree posts. No more book hauls.

This is going to suck.

But I did it to myself.


Wish me luck!

Have you guys put yourself on a book buying ban before? If so, how did it go? Did your inner bookworm win the battle? Or did you exercise self-control?

Maybe both?



11 thoughts on “Book Buying Ban — Will I Regret This?

  1. I tried it…but it never worked. There was always a sale that I couldn’t resist. Now I’ve just contented myself with admitting that I’m a bookaholic. It works for me ‘cos it’s my only vice 🙂

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  2. I’m pretty much on a book buying ban all the time! I have so little money to spend on books, I just only seem to buy maybe twenty or so a year (which sounds like a lot but really isn’t!). I’ve had to put myself on a library ban before though, since I routinely check out fifteen or twenty for two weeks at a time. Best of luck with the book ban!

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    • Haha, nice! Thanks! So far, it’s going good. I have an addiction with the free Kindle section at Amazon. That is definitely my biggest problem. Ok, well, not exactly a problem, but ya know. 😉 Over 1600 free books on my Kindle app! Lol! Then I tend to read some of those before my review copies and I miss deadlines. The never ending cycle hehehe


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