Teaser Friday {4}

Ok, seriously. Where did this week go?!


You know the rules:

Grab your current book. Open to a random page or the page you are currently reading. Share a sentence or two with us, with no spoilers. Make sure to note the title and author so others can add it to their TBR if they want.

Sample from this week’s book:


“He’d been checking on the elaborate mean i’d half prepared before I got distracted trying to get the ribbons just right on the gifts.” (pg. 3)

“For one final moment, we held a secret in our hearts that no one else knew.” (pg. 3).

The Secret Daughter by Kelly Rimmer

What are your teasers? I’d love to know in the comments below!

#TackleTBR Update:

Day 11 / September 24

Books: The Secret Daughter
Percentage/Pages Read: 10 pages (today was super busy, unfortunately)
Total Books Read: 3
Total Pages Read: 835
Titles of Finished Books: Are You Still There. Wrong Number Right Guy. When We Were.



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