#TackleTBR Goals!

The TBR Read-a-thon has officially started! Aren’t you excited? I know I am! 🙂


Just in case you missed it, you can still sign up here to join in on the fun!

I know I said my goal yesterday, but after giving it some more thought, I figured I would do an in-depth post on my reading goals for the next two weeks.

My Goals:

❤ Read at least 5 books throughout. You can find my list here.

❤ I plan to make daily updates on Twitter using #TackleTBR and tagging @TresSherm.

❤ Read at least 50 pages a day that is NOT textbook reading since my class is still going.

❤ Put up reviews as I read the books. Unless they are not published during the next two weeks. Which some aren’t. Those will go up on the publication date. All of my books are ARCs.


Happy reading!



9 thoughts on “#TackleTBR Goals!

    • Thankfully, I can set it aside and read for fun. I do remember a time when I couldn’t do that. My textbook is on the boring side, so it motivates me more to read for fun. Thanks! 🙂


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