August 1-Click Spree

Hey bookworms! This has been a good month for me. Towards the end of July, I joined NetGalley, and read a couple books in exchange for an honest review. In the meantime, I still managed to snag quite a few books off of the free lists on Amazon!

Ha, I also bought a couple that weren’t free. Yay, me! 🙂 Snagged those on good deals though, 99 cents!

Free ones:

1. It’s In His Heart by Shelly Alexander
2. Illicit Canvas by Joanna Mazurkiewicz
3. Devil You Know by Max Henry
4. The Promise by S.L. Jayne
5. Impossible by Laurel Curtis
6. Unexpected by Amy Marie
7. Losing Faith by Jeremy Asher
8. Redesigning Fate by A.M. Wilson
9. Lost In Us by Layla Hagen
10. Ghost No More by CeeCee James
11. Caller 107 by Matthew S. Cox
12. The Symmetry of Snowflakes by Paul M. Peters
13. Forever In Love by Leeanna Morgan
14. Just Go by M. Dauphin
15. The Good Neighbor by A. J. Banner
16. All For Hope by Olivia Hardin
17. Crossing the Line by Ally Bishop
18. 8 Weeks by Bethany Lopez
19. And So We Were by Kelly Castle
20. First and Only by Peter Flannery
21. Finding Kylie by Kimberly McKay

Not free ones:

1. Velvet Kisses by Addison Moore
2. Hardwired by Meredith Wild
3. His by Aubrey Dark
4. Love Lies Beneath by Ellen Hopkins (not 99 cents)



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