July 1-Click Spree

Another month, come and gone. Hello bookworms. I think my favorite posts of the month is these 1-click shopping sprees. I think I like the feel of doing only one post instead of two throughout the month. It keeps them more organized than anything. Wish me luck! They might be a bit longer than 15 or so books. Who knows?

So, here goes.

1. French Roast by Ava Miles
2. Road to Recovery / Road to Reality by Natalie Ann
3. Living Again by L.L. Collins
4. The Almost Wives Club: Kate by Nancy Warren
5. Forever Mine by Elizabeth Reyes
6. A Certain Someone by Ali O’Donovan
7. Dare to Touch by Carly Phillips
8. Bride in Bloom by J.B. Hartnett
9. Country Heaven by Ava Miles
10. Out of Tune by Michelle D. Argyle
11. There’s Only Been You by Donna Marie Rogers
12. Jace by T.A. Grey
13. All in My Head by Kristen James
14. Afraid of Everything by Karen Jones Gowen
15. Chasing Amanda by Robin Patchen
16. Where Angels Tread by Clare Kenna
17. Word Play by Amalie Silver
18. Surviving Michael by Joseph Birchall
19. Around the Bend by Rosemary Hines
20. Return to You by Samantha Chase

What kind of books have you guys bought this month?



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