Day #25

Prompt #25: Someone who fascinates me and why.

My cute little baby boy.

Well, he’s not so much a baby anymore. He’s a toddler and four years old… But he will always be my baby!

Unfortunately, I cannot post a picture because of personal reasons, but… He has the most bluest eyes I have ever seen. His eye lashes are so long, he is going to be a lady killer when he grows up. I have gotten so many compliments on those eyes and lashes, you would not believe!

Anyway, he fascinates me because he is four. Everything is a question. Everything is an argument. Everything is funny. Everything is maddening. Everything is joyous and lovable.

He has been really big into mimicking me lately. Just the other day, we were in my bedroom and he wanted to go downstairs while I was working on homework. He noticed daddy was not upstairs in the office or the bedroom and says, “Daddy downstairs?” Which I proceeded to tell him that daddy wasn’t downstairs but that he was at work. So he runs around the room saying, “Daddy not downstairs. Daddy at work. Daddy downstairs? Daddy not downstairs, at work.” It was the cutest thing. Or if I tell him he can go outside to play later, he’ll say, “Play outside later. Mommy, play outside later.”

Now, if I could just get the arguing to stop… Haha, who am I kidding? He’s four! 😛


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