Day #24

Prompt #24: Five words/phrases that make me laugh

1. oy

I cannot get enough of this show. I have all 7 seasons on DVD and I’ve seen them all more than 10 times. *If you don’t know, google Gilmore Girls. You will not be sorry!*

2. “You’re a towel.” Which originated from my former roommate and now my boyfriend says it all the time to me. Roommate got it from South Park, of course.

3. litt up

Hahaha. Been on a Suits kick with the family lately and this just makes me laugh!

4. “I see plastic in their future…” My family and I have been watching Dexter (rerun for me) and almost every time Dexter kills someone, someone in my family says that. Score. Love Dexter.

5. Annnnd. I cannot think of one more!

Damn. Another list I could not finish. This is not good…


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