Day #23

Prompt #23: Something I miss.

This is a loaded post. There are many things I miss, but one stands out more than anything.

I miss playing in my childhood subdivision with my childhood friends. Before dark and sometimes after dark with sleepovers. There were a bunch of us and we’d have snow days or ride bikes in the summer. We would jump on the trampoline listening to music. Laughing it up, having tons of fun.

Times have changed. I moved away from that subdivision a little over ten years ago. I do keep in touch via Facebook with many of those friends. Others, I have lost. Due to maturity, distance, lack of trying, or circumstances that were out of my hands.

I miss the days when all we cared about were our crushes on celebrities, and singing along to the music of the 90’s.

As an ode to this post, listen to THIS. Or this one HERE.

If you’re a 90’s kid, you’ll thank me for the nostalgia of times before we grew up.


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