Day #5

Prompt #5: Write about my favorite book

I have many favorite books; however, one in particular sticks out. It is called Kissed by an Angel by Elizabeth Chandler. It’s a YA novel and I read it when I was probably 13-ish. I have read it several times since then and over the years, the author has created sequels. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to read those, but they are on my every-long TBR list,.

kissedbyanangel kissed2

(I’ll share a little secret, I have both copies. I love the old cover, but then I also have the sequels in the new cover so I splurged and bought the new cover as well!)

Oh my. This book is just awesome.It’s a little over 700 pages, 3 books in one. It has a tiny bit of paranormal romance (angels) to it, but is definitely very mild. I would classify it more as a romantic thriller, if anything. It is about a couple who are in high school, and one dies. He, Tristan, turns into an angel, trying to warn Ivy about the danger that looms ahead. She has two best friends, who are on the side of weird, and a step-brother is who completely creepy. The mystery all starts after Tristan’s death. Through the twists and turns, Ivy doesn’t know who to trust. As the story continues on, you start to figure out what is really happening.

I really need to make time to read this again, as well as the sequels. Love it!


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