Short Update

Hi! I apologize for my leave of absence. Lately, my life has been crazy busy! As you know, we moved my boyfriend’s parents down to Vegas and we were buying a house. Well, we finally got the house! So needless to say, I have been packing up my apartment, packing the uhaul, unloading the uhaul twice, and starting to unpack in my brand new house. However, I have had not Internet.  There is only so much the mobile app can do. 🙂 There has been plumbing problems, electric problems, and Internet problems all within the first week of living here… 😦

I will post pics with my next update.

I am so far behind in my WP Reader,  so I am hoping to get caught up soon. Because I actually do read the things you guys write. I have a few new followers that I haven’t even looked at yet. I will get to you soon, I promise! Just bare with me!

Anyway, thanks for sticking in there and I will write a more in depth post about everything as soon as I have Internet again and as soon as I get caught up with my schoolwork. I may or may not have fallen behind a little bit. Oops. Glad it’s a new week for school now though. Usually, I get a jump start on things so I can have the weekend for myself. Oh well.

What kinds of things have you guys been up to lately?



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