Mid-May One-click Shopping Spree

My 1-click finger has been busy this month. I only have two more books to read from the reading list I wrote for you guys. Two more books to review, then I’ll need more books. In the meantime, I have 1-clicked just shy of two dozen books. Here are 15 of them. How about you guys chose my next 5 books to read? From this list or the previous one, here.

1. Besieged by LP Lovell
2. Betting On You by Jessie Evans
3. Holding On To You by Anne-Marie Hart
4. Hungry Heart by Violet Haze
5. Love In Between by Sandi Lynn
6. The Right Kind Of Wrong by Jade Eby
7. Dare To Desire by Carly Phillips
8. Two Tears In A Bucket by Traci Bee
9. Another Tear by Traci Bee (the sequel to #8)
10. A Soft Place To Fall by Barbara Bretton
11. A New Beginning by Christina Escue
12. A New Hope by Christina Escue (sequel to #11)
13. One Perfect Spring by Irene Hannon
14. Made To Last by Melissa Tagg
15. Dishabille by Arden Aoide

All of these were free when I bought them. Maybe you can score a couple free ones too!



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