Tackle Your TBR Read-A-Thon 2016

Tackle Your TBR Readathon 2016

It’s that time of year again! Thank goodness. This year, my TBR is more astronomical than it was last year… This is the kick in the butt that I need.

Sign up with me y’all!

Last year, I opted to read 5 books, in hopes of lowering my TBR. If I recall correctly, I was only about to read 3 or 4. I can’t remember which, I just know I didn’t make my goal. But hey, that’s ok! No pressure at all. My TBR was still lowered by those books.😉

This year, though, here is my goal:

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Blog Ahead 2016 (Oct)

I’m not even going to lie.

Blog Ahead 2015 saved my blog’s life.

I was terrible at scheduling posts. I would literally write the post one day, and have it go live the next. I did that for months. The only thing I schedule was a book review every now and then. But then… Anna hosted Blog Ahead. And now? I *almost* always have at least a week scheduled in advanced. Currently, The Friday 56 is scheduled up through October. Go me!

blog ahead 2016

I love the concept.

Basically, the whole idea is to schedule 30 posts in the 31 days of October. But. Those posts have to go live after November 1st. It’s epic.

Say you’ll join me! #BlogAhead2016

Check out Anna’s sign up post for more information. You won’t be sorry if you join.❤ Promise!

This will give you a good head start into the holidays. Catch up on those weekly memes. Schedule a discussion post a month ahead of time. Create holiday posts.

It’s so much fun.

I’ll be posting updates each week to show you how much I’ve gotten done. Last year, I was able to get 45 scheduled. Haha. Wish me luck!

September TBR Update

September TBR

  • The Cherry House by CJ Carlyon — read and reviewed
  • Protect Me by Margaret Watson
  • The Perfect Girl by Gilly Macmillan — read, review to come
  • The Cellar by Natasha Preston
  • The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan — read, review to come
  • Play by Piper Lawson
  • The 48-Hour Hookup by Sarah Ballance — read and reviewed

NetGalley Book Tag


Hi everyone! Kourtni over at Kourtni Reads created this awesome tag. I read her q&a and it seemed right up my alley! So here goes!

The rules:

  • Link back to the tag’s creator (Kourtni Reads)
  • Thank and link back to the person who tagged you
  • Answer the questions the best you can. If you don’t use NetGalley, you can substitute other sites or places where you get books!
  • Tag a few people to do this too.

The Questions:

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#30Authors – Priya Parmar’s Review of Sweetbitter

30 Authors

Hi everyone! I am so thankful I can take part in The Book Wheel’s 30 Authors in 30 Days. I saw this floating around last year, and I thought the idea was spectacular! I couldn’t wait to join this year. I expressed my interest, and was chosen to host an author’s review! Yay!

So here’s what #30Authors is all about:

#30Authors is an event started by The Book Wheel that connects readers, bloggers, and authors. In it, 30 authors review their favorite recent reads on 30 blogs in 30 days. It takes place annually during the month of September and has been met with incredible support from and success in the literary community. It has also been turned into an anthology, which is currently available on Amazon and all author proceeds go to charity. Previous #30Authors contributors include Celeste Ng, Cynthia Bond, Brian Panowich, and M.O. Walsh. To see this year’s full line-up, visit www.thebookwheelblog.com/30authors or follow along on Twitter @30Authors.

Today, I am hosting Priya Parmar. She is reviewing Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler.


I should mention up front that I do not drink.  And have never drunk.  I am allergic to alcohol and always have been, so have never tasted wine, beer, spirits or done a shot.  I am also a vegetarian.  I gave up meat when I was nine and do not remember the taste, the texture, the experience, of most foods on a restaurant menu.  Food is not my thing.  And so I expected to feel a degree of alienation from Stephanie Danler’s Sweetbitter.  Because, this is a novel of appetite, of taste, of texture, of the sensuality of consumption.  Here, food is a sexy business and the world of restaurant life is steeped in hierarchy, ritual, code and cipher that all lead back to the ignition of the senses.  But, this is also a novel of self, of youth, of New York, of the ruthless pulling apart and putting back together again part of coming of age.  It is a savagely intimate novel and the writing is luminous.  It was impossible for me to feel alienation from Sweetbitter.  Instead I carried it around in my bag two days after I finished it, not wanting the experience to end.

Tess was the draw.  Much like the narrator Rachel Cusk’s Outline, we know almost nothing of our narrator’s backstory.  Tess arrives in New York from somewhere else and life starts over.  Everything is on the table and she is not fearless but is wholly committed to chasing down experience.  Tess falls down the rabbit hole of her new life and we watch as she cracks open and reassembles in jagged, aching prose.  There is love and a love triangle and sex and drugs and damage and friendship and the stark recognition that some friendships are specific to time and place and are empty of lasting connection.

Danler’s observations are knife sharp and written with glorious precision.  The vocabulary of food and wine is expansive, rich and unexpected.  Sensuality runs in the blood of this novel.  As Tess gains her footing in this world, so do we.  We are told from the first line “You will develop a palate” and by the end, without a sip or a bite, I felt as though I had.

ABOUT PRIYA PARMAR, today’s author/reviewer

Priya ParmarEducated at Mount Holyoke College, the University of Oxford and the University of Edinburgh, Priya Parmar is the author of one previous novel, Exit the Actress.

Her new novel, VANESSA AND HER SISTER, published by Ballantine/Random House is available now.

She divides her time between Hawaii and London.

You can find Priya on her Website | Facebook | Twitter.

VANESSA AND HER SISTER can be found on Amazon.


You can find Stephanie on her Website | Instagram | Twitter.
Her book, SWEETBITTER, can also be found on Amazon.

A huge thank you to everyone who stops by! And an even bigger thank you to Allison at The Book Wheel for making this all possible!

I know for sure that I’m going to have to check out VANESSA AND HER SISTER, and SWEETBITTER.

Until next time,


Liebster Award 5

liebster award

It’s award time again! I was nominated by Makayla from Random Reads! Thank you so much!


  1. Post the award on your blog.
  2. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Answer the questions assigned to you.
  4. Give 10 random facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate 10 deserving bloggers for the award.
  6. Ask 10 questions to your nominees. (If you haven’t been nominated yet, consider yourself nominated!)

Makayla’s Questions to Me:

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Soft Snickerdoodle Cookies

Kendra's Kitchen

This time I bring to you…


Oh my gosh, you guys. I love snickerdoodle cookies! So cinnamony. So yummy in my tummy!

These cookies are super soft. And they stay that way for a few days later. Most snickerdoodle cookies don’t. They get hard after two days. But these don’t.

I swear, this recipe is my go-to snickerdoodle recipe! A huge thank you to Sally’s Baking Addiction for this outstanding recipe! Sally is my go-to cookie person! If you don’t have her blog bookmarked, you totally should. LOL.



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